Friday, 21 June 2013

Simple Hat

This year for father's day, part of my gift to Dad was a(nother) knitted hat. (He lost the last one when he was out walking the dog and asked especially for a new one. I did jokingly tell him that if he lost this one he wasn't getting another one, but he does appreciate knitted gifts so that's not likely to happen.)

My Dad is the type who likes simple patterns in nice yarns so picking the pattern was easy - a basic 2x2 rib for the brim, then 6x2 rib for the main part of the hat. The yarn itself was nearly as easy - a trip to my local McAree Brothers yielded two balls of this delightfully squishy wool/linen mix. On a sidenote, why do I have to discover these yarns just as they are being discontinued?

My wee brother modelling the burnt orange ribbed beanie style hat, with flecks of place yellow in places. Hat covers his ears.
Simple ribbed hat, knitted with two balls of Gedifra Diandra on 6mm needles, kindly modelled by my wee brother

It was a dream to knit up, and only took an evening or two once I worked out my gauge. I ended up going down to 6mm needles from the recommended 9mm as I wanted a really dense fabric, and I also knitted it long enough to cover his ears. According to the dog walkers in my family, that's the perfect combination to stop ears getting cold and prevent earaches when out walking in the wet, windy, and frequently minging Scottish winter.

We'll just have to wait and see how long this one survives ...

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