Saturday, 20 July 2013

New projects

It feels so good to feel creative again after living in a perpertual brainfog for most of the beginning of the year. There are still ups and downs (there always will be), but I'm really excited to try new things out.


My family brought back this delightful undyed skein of Wensleydale Yarn by West Yorkshire Spinners from holiday for me. It's got a lovely crisp feel to it, and I feel postively awash with the colour possibilitities. I need to investigate fully what sort of dye I want to use and various methods, but I think it wants to be a varigated pinky purple sort of colour.

a skein of undyed wool, creamish in colour.

Knitting with wire!

The urge to try and knit jewellery popped back into my head the other day. It's something I've been curious about before, but this time I found myself standing in front of the wire in our local Hobbycraft. I have a vague idea of what I want to knit first, but I need to have a play about with the wire and see how it knits up. I can't wait.

a coil of thins silver plated wire, and a small tub of pale yellow seed beads


This one has been building for the last year or so, especially after having a couple of goes at shows this year. I've not bought anything yet, just started to read up on it, but I am very excited to have another go. I suspect one of the drop spindle learning kits will be making it's way to me from HilltopCloud come payday.

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