Monday, 3 February 2014

Log Cabin Blanket

Secret project number 2 last year was a log cabin blanket for the fantastic Amey of Teacups and Buttondrops.

I first saw the type of construction in Mason-Dixon Knitting and fell in love with it. Simple, yet with endless possibilities for customisation. Choosing the colours was the hard part, but I eventually settled on a spiral pattern of three favourite colours and I love the effect.

(Looking rather washed out here unfortunately)

It was knitted using a mixture of lovely acrylic/ wool mix aran weight yarns on 4mm needles for a dense, squishy fabric. The finished piece measures 37 inches square, and it's just the perfect size for a lap blanket and very cosy too.

(My obligatory folded photo. It's less washed out looking thankfully, but the second pink is nowhere near as purple as it looks here.)

I loved this blanket, (enough to start knitting myself one), but there is always a fear in the back of my mind that the recipient won't like it (to be honest, I'm like that with any present I give). Thankfully, it turns out she loves it as much as I do! She's definitely staying on my willing to knit for list. :)

And after all my prancing about trying to get a picture I liked, I think my favourite photo of the blanket has to be one Amey took herself.

She's a great photographer (and blogger) so I'd advise everyone to go and check her out.

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