Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Things I love: Silicone Teabag

It's hard to believe, but my blog is one year old today! It doesn't seem that long, but I'm going to celebrate anyway by talking about one of my absolute favourite things.

 I'm a great fan of loose leaf tea, and over the years I've tried a lot of different infusers.

This one has to be my favourite.

It's detailed to look exactly like a teabag, and the main part is a pale green colour (not discoloured through use). I've used various different sizes of tea leaves in it without a lot of tea escaping into the cup or teapot. It's soft, extremely easy to empty as you can contort the shape without permanently altering it and damaging the mesh (which I have done with quite a few over the years), and it doesn't get hot. It isn't discoloured in the photo, it is actually a very pale green colour.

It's ease of use combined with just how plain adorable it is, mean this is going to be used for a long time to come. It even looks pretty sitting on the window ledge when it isn't being used!

If you fancy one yourself, it is available from Lakeland and costs just £3.99.

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